How to become a VUH member

Who can become a member of the VUH?
Each and every employee within Volvo Group, Volvo Cars Group or a retiree from each of these companies in Gothenburg can become a member of VUH. As an employee and member your monthly donations can be deducted from your salary, providing a simple administration.

In order to become a member you just click on the link below, provide your employee number and the amount you wish to donate each month.

Become a member (in swedish)

Donate money without being a member?
There is no need to be connected to Volvo Group of Volvo Cars Group in Gothenburg in order to donate money. Naturally anybody can donate to the VUH! If you work in another city or another country, is retired or a consultant, you can easily make regular transfers to our account.

Information about our bank accounts and account numbers can be found further down on this page.

Swedish transactions:
Bankgiro: 5386-4427

International transactions:
Please specify both IBAN and BIC
IBAN: SE70 5000 0000 0503 2330 5970

The Board of the VUH is currently reviewing the rules of the association concerning membership in order to meet the wishes of all employees within the Volvo companies, also outside of Gothenburg.